Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rounding up

All smiles as we leave the Hanuman office for our trip to Koh Kong
To close the chapter on last weekend's work's fam trip to Koh Kong province, here are a few more snaps of the team and so on. It was good to catch up with Jason at the Oasis Resort in Koh Kong town when we stopped by for a quick look around, and then we ended our first evening with a meal at the Happy Beach restaurant, in small huts on stilts, eating crab. Our first-night stay was at the Asian Hotel before we woke up to a thunderous rainstorm before heading out to the Tatai river, waterfall, Janet's Rainbow Lodge, for a quick look, and then the plush 4Rivers for lunch. Chi Phat was our 2nd night's stay, in local guesthouse accommodation, I stayed in Sok Srey Mom's GH, which was a bed, mozzie net, squat toilet and ladle-shower with the electricity going off at 9.15pm, alongwith the fan. As I've said before, the Chi Phat community project team looked after us splendidly with the food, three meals in all, all eaten in the visitor center and the quality was good whilst the portions were mammoth. The cycle ride to O'Malu waterfall was a tough one. Our group did remarkably well to tackle it, let alone finish it, in one piece, albeit with a few bumps, scratches and leech bites. The cycle guides were good guys and the refreshing waters at O'Malu was just the regeneration we needed to make the trip back. Most of us slept a bit on the boat journey back to Andoung Teuk and for the bus ride back home. Good team-building exercise and great for the Khmers to visit a part of their country they wouldn't normally see. Next week I'm in Siem Reap for most of the week, so that should be fun.
I felt a little like this chap at the end of the trip. You can see him at Pich Nil Pass en route to Koh Kong.
National Highway 48 provides the backdrop for this impromptu team photo
A very pleasant sunset from the riverbank at Koh Kong town at the end of day 1
Early next morning, this is the scene on the Tatai river
The Tatai waterfall was in full flow after the early morning rains
Team photo number 116, this time at Rainbow Lodge
My guesthouse accommodation in Chi Phat, with Sok Srey Mom
One of the log bridges we encountered on our 30km cycle ride. At one of them, my foot slid between two logs and I sank to my upper thigh whilst holding on for dear life.
On one of our boat trips, my ship-mates are Serey (and life vest), Chhrep and Neang

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Anonymous Boone said...

u have one of the best jobs in the world!!!

September 4, 2010 at 3:52 AM  
Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

Yes Boone I am very fortunate. :-)

September 4, 2010 at 5:43 PM  

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