Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peng's pains

Cambodian actress Peng Phan, an easily-recognisable face to Khmer audiences
Meta House screened the Cambodian film premiere of Good Luck for You Everyday tonight, which told the story of former Cambodian actress Peng Phan, who has appeared in three of Rithy Panh's films, and who turned her home into an orphanage, NACA (National Action Culture Association) devoting her time to the thirty children there. The hour long film was created by two Spanish filmmakers, Raul Abellan and Marc Sarrado and also features some of the children in the care of NACA, all of whom are involved in the arts to some degree. The orphanage is under threat both from an urban development program that may take away Peng Phan's home, as well as the day to day costs that are required to keep the orphanage going. Some of the children were present at the screening, which was very well attended and a collection taken. Peng Phan appeared in a trio of Rithy Panh's films, Rice People, One Evening After the War and Burnt Theatre. Link: website.
On the way out of Meta House I popped into the art exhibition on the ground floor to look at the exhibition of nine Battambang artists, entitled Nine Faces, that will run for the next month. It was a collection of mixed media and an experiment with colours and different materials.
The film's opening credits
Peng Phan in an opening scene from the film; in the prison where she was held during the Khmer Rouge period, she was one of only 30 survivors out of 500 people.
Untitled artwork from Battambang artist Sothea from the current Meta House exhibition
Loun Lao's artwork titled Sadness at Meta House

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