Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A look at our city

A month long festival organised by JavaArts and friends is taking place in Phnom Penh, starting tomorrow. Bit short notice I know, but they've only just announced it. It's called Our City and this will be its third year. It will celebrate and chart the city's architectural development through a series of performances, exhibitions, a conference and city tours. There will be photo exhibits at Bophana from tomorrow, a conference with city architect Khun Neay Khuon, city tours with Heritage Mission and KA Tours, another photo exhibition of life along the city's railway lines by Conor Wall and a rare opportunity to attend an open rehearsal by the Khmer Arts Ensemble for a new classical dance, The Lives of Giants, before they take their touring group to the USA. You can find out a lot more by reading their blog here.
The French Cultural Center is putting on a series of Lakhaon theatre productions between 10-17 September at various venues around town. Tickets are free but the schedule, in French and Khmer, was a bit hard to fathom, so contacting the CCF, and speaking French, would be your best bet.
Photographer pal Eric de Vries has just issued his first PhotoCambodia E-zine, which you can download for free here. I hope to meet up with Eric, who lives and works out of Siem Reap, as I'll be in temple-town for most of next week.

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