Friday, September 3, 2010

In shot

On the boat as we head for Chi Phat along the Preak Piphot river (courtesy of Serey)
A few of my work colleagues, who did ever so well to complete the cycle ride as part of our recent fam trip to Koh Kong province, passed me some of the photos they snapped during our 3-day expedition. Unfortunately, they all include me, which is the reason they passed them on.
Taking a rest, half-way through the bike ride, in the cooling waters at O'Malu waterfall (Ly)
I'm just in shot (white shirt) as we tackle an easy stretch of the cycle ride in Chi Phat (Nara)
On the boat at the end of a long day (Ly)
The Tatai river bridge is the background behind Chhrep and myself (Chhrep)
That's me trying to get a nice shot of the 4Rivers floating villas from the boat (Serey)
I try, whenever possible, to surround myself with lovely females. LtoR: Chhrep, Nary, Serey, Neang. (Serey)
Trying not to catch the sun whilst trying to catch 40 winks, on the boat back to civilization (Ly)

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