Friday, September 3, 2010

Courage and strength

A quiet birthday meal for Rumnea at Kravanh restaurant
Last night was an opportunity for Rumnea to push the recent loss of her father to the back of her mind for a couple of hours as we celebrated her birthday with a few dishes of delicious home-cooked Khmer food at Kravanh restaurant on Sothearos. As the family's eldest daughter, she's had to carry the workload for everyone since her father passed away following a motorbike accident two weeks ago. That included travelling on her own to the remote district of Kompong Thom province where her father worked for the ministry of environment, to collect his valuables, sort out his paperwork, meet all his work colleagues and friends and then supervise the funeral and subsequent 7-day remembrance ceremony. Its been a really tough two weeks for her, especially as her father was the most important person in her life. I've been so proud of the courage and inner strength that she has found, and displayed. Her work colleagues also gave her an impromptu celebration yesterday with a birthday cake and best wishes.



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