Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Savin swaps her sampot

Savin in her ethnic costume at today's NagaWorld presentation
Sam Savin swapped her classical dance clothes for a more ethnic look this morning at the official launch of the Asean Tourism Forum at NagaWorld. She joined the other dancers from the royal university of fine arts onstage to perform what was termed a newly-created ethnic harvesting dance as part of the morning's proceedings, which of course included the usual interminable speeches by various dignitaries. The deputy prime minister Sok An was in the chair for this formal presentation of the forthcoming ATF, that will take place in January, as well as the launch of the new Ministry of Tourism website. Lots of men in suits were in attendance, lots of cameras, lots of hype, but little substance. And the translation into English was abysmal. However, Savin was as splendid as ever, and is off to France to dance next month, and I also got to meet and congratulate Cambodia's latest sporting hero, 15 year old Sam Sophea, who brought back a bronze medal in judo from the recent Youth Olympics in Singapore. An incredible achievement for this slip of a girl with a lovely smile and personality to match. Meanwhile, the ATF is a big event for Cambodia hence the lavish presentation this morning. Then it was back to the grindstone.
Cambodia's Olympic bronze medalist Sam Sophea says hello
Sam Savin manages a breather and a bite to eat after the show
Part of the stageshow with Savin kneeling and holding her basket (center)
Lots of flag-waving during the final part of this morning's presentation
I'm not sure why the photographer was on his knees to take a picture of Savin and me
Snapped at cafe fresco's at lunchtime today, two of my favourite waitresses, Panha and Dary

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