Friday, August 20, 2010

Mr ImSokhom

Sokhom's homemade sign that sits alongside the main highway into Kompong Thom
It was great to catch up with Sokhom and his family again yesterday in Kompong Thom. I don't see enough of them. I visited their new family home, a one story concrete building that has replaced their old, wooden dwelling that was inches away from the main highway leading into the center of Kompong Thom. Sokhom has erected a road-sign pointing the way to his new home, which now sits alongside his parents-in-law house, and advertising his tour services. His wife now has a stall at the market in the center, selling clothes, whilst Kunthea, their only daughter, has just completed her high school studies and is nervously awaiting her exam results. If they are good enough, she wants to study in Phnom Penh to be a lawyer. As for Sokhom, he was busy with a client, so I only saw him briefly, but we have a friendship going back to our first meeting more than a decade ago and we speak on the phone regularly. Our trips into the Cambodia countryside are legendary, well, between us two anyway. He also gets a brief mention in the latest version of the Lonely Planet guide to Cambodia. Thoroughly deserved in my view.

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