Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mooning in Cambodia

Moon Cambodia, is one of a handful of guidebooks dedicated solely to Cambodia and it saw the light of day in the final month of last year. I haven't got a copy myself ( and they didn't send me one, sigh) so can't comment on it but I did notice online that I get a mention in its internet resources section, almost lost at the back of the book. Interestingly the author Tom Vater has used my full name Andrew, something I've not heard since my mum used to shout it out loud when I was in for a smack on the back of the legs. I was about five at the time. Anyway, here's what Moon had to say.
Cambodia blog and travel resource : Ten years of Cambodia travelogues, interviews and photos by Andrew Brouwer, a long-term visitor to Cambodia.
By comparison, the Lonely Planet Cambodia guidebook that came out in July, also credits my website in its internet resources section, more prominently displayed on page 16. This is how LP state my case.
Andy Brouwer's Cambodia Tales ( Gateway to all things Cambodian, this site includes comprehensive links to other sites and regular travel articles from veteran Cambodian adventurers. Includes a popular blog.
It sure does.

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