Friday, August 6, 2010

In anticipation

Belle (blue) with Sarah O'Brien (red) flanked by Soliel (left) and Chansethyka
Belle with her two helpers dance whilst the singers (left) perform
Tonight was the first opportunity to get a taster for the Winds of Angkor production with a late rehearsal, after it took forever to install the lighting. They ran through just 3 of the dozen songs they will perform on Sunday night, to give everyone a chance to get a feel for their surroundings and to satisfy the sound and lighting crews. The children from the Seametrey Children's Village joined some of the main cast members for the first run through, then Belle danced with her two helpers Soliel and Chansethyka accompanying more of the singers, before a chance to hear the main theme and the wonderful voices of Jessica Pennington and Roberto Gomez. The children were adorable, whilst Belle was as imaginative as ever. This will be something never seen before by a local audience, a love story linking old and new Cambodia told by a British composer who has spent more than a decade on her dream of presenting a full-blown musical about Cambodia to a Khmer audience. Sunday's 'highlights' show, as part of the Youth Arts Festival, will be the final step before the realization of Sarah O'Brien's dream, hopefully sometime early next year, with a fair wind and sufficient sponsorship. Amongst the performers will be locals like BosbaPANH and Cham Nou, as well as two members of the successful Where Elephants Weep cast, Amara Chhin-Lawrence and Jean-Baptiste Phou. The real deal begins at 8pm on Sunday night at Chaktomuk Theatre.
Belle is lifted during her 4 minute dance piece in today's rehearsal
From left to right, Chansethyka, Belle and Soliel pose before rehearsal
Sarah (red) talks to Jessica Pennington with BosbaPANH nearby
The children of Seametrey Village and some of the main vocalists during rehearsals
Sarah receives some news during a break in tonight's session
Before taking the stage, the children receive some vocal warm-ups from Sarah (red) and Jessica (right)

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