Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home sweet home

Our cycling expeditionary group, resting for a moment at O'Key village
I arrived back later than expected hence why my posting is so late in the day. To be honest, I'm knackered. This morning's 30kms bike ride through the forest trails around Chi Phat did me in. The track was under water for long stretches, the rain made it treacherous as a few of my colleagues found out, the leeches were looking for a warm-blooded home and found it, and yes I did say I would never join a bike ride again, after my Mondulkiri experience a while back. Some people never learn. Especially me. The community folks at Chi Phat did us proud over lunch (the best thing about Chi Phat is the food), then it was a couple of hours on the boat and a 4 hour drive back to the city. I'm sitting in front of the telly watching football as I type. My bones, double the age of anyone else on the bike ride, are feeling their age. Our target for the morning ride was O'Malu waterfall, close to the isolated village of O'Key. The waterfall itself was on two levels and made for a very refreshing bathe, but its hard to describe the trip there and back, suffice to say that I was covered in wet mud and my clothes and trainers were utterly waterlogged. I put my leg through a log-bridge, my brake broke and the handlebars whacked against my chest, though I managed to stay upright, just, unlike a few of my work colleagues who'd joined me for the ride. I must say that the four girls who were in our group were great sports and managed to complete the ride, despite the really tough conditions. I had to keep going just so they didn't leave me behind. They have my respect.
Not exactly kitted out for the hard morning's cycling ahead of me
3 of the girls looking glamorous whilst crossing a wooden bridge en route, Neang, Chrup and Nary

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