Monday, August 16, 2010

Comic art

Two book launches this week in Phnom Penh. On Thursday (19 August), it's the turn of Stories in Stone by author John Burgess at Monument books at 6pm. His book focuses on the inscription found at the Khmer temple of Sdok Kok Thom just over the border in present-day Thailand, though the story behind the inscription shines light on the remarkable Khmer Empire that dominated the region from the 7th-13th centuries. Book number two is actually a 30 page colour bilingual comic from John Weeks, the comicmeister of the capital, who will also be presenting a collection of short comic art vignettes on the night, under the banner of QuickDraw, which is this coming Wednesday (18 August) at Java Arts Cafe on Sihanouk Boulevard from 6-9pm. In addition to the exhibition at Java which will remain in situ until late September, an artist talk on Cambodian comics history - 50 Years of Cambodian Comics - will take place on 24 August at the same location with emcee John Berkavitch.

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