Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Climax of the season

Will Phnom Penh Crown be celebrating again this coming Saturday?
I appreciate there was a collective sigh of relief when I stopped hosting my football-related blog posts here and switched them to here instead. However, that means the majority of you won't be aware that this weekend is the climax of the Cambodian football season. The local football federation decided a couple of years ago that the regular season would not actually determine the champions. They would only emerge after a play-off between the top fours teams in the final league table. Not how a league championship should be decided in my opinion, but they run it and I just watch. The decision to keep the interest amongst the fans going until the final kick of the season proved a success last year with Naga's unforseen surge to claim the title. This season, the destination of the winners cheque seems certain to be into the pocket of Phnom Penh Crown (sponsored by Crown Casino), regarded as the moneybags team of the Metfone C-League competition. They will meet Preah Khan Reach (the Military Police team) in the play-off final at Olympic Stadium at 2pm this coming Saturday. 2pm is not a great time for a football match, as its usually bloody hot, but that's when CTN can fit it into their live television schedule, so that's why it's a 2pm kick-off. There should be a big crowd so if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs with nothing to do at 2pm this Saturday, get along to watch the game or switch onto CTN. I fully expect Crown to win but it's a one-off game and anything can happen. And in Cambodian football, it usually does. And if you can't be bothered at all, click onto my football blog, Kingdom of football, to read all the gory details.



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