Monday, August 30, 2010

Ang krang

Ang krang in formation
Explanations on a postcard please. What are they doing? I wondered if it was a formation dance team. Then I realised that in the middle was one of their own, looking like he was their lunch. But I could be wrong. These are what I call, bloody big red ants, known locally as Ang Krang, and they pack a bite that you remember. They like to hang around remote temples in the countryside waiting for johnny foreigner to come along and catch him unawares as he soaks in yet another temple discovery. I have many recollections of such attacks during my temple-hunting expeditions across Cambodia. I used to joke with my pals like Sokhom that if the landmines didn't get us, the ang krang would. Black humour, you can't beat it. I spotted these guys and their dance of death on a post near O'Malu waterfall in Koh Kong province yesterday. Yesterday's black humour revolved around ang krang and black leeches, both of which were out and about in abundance.



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