Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weaving a success story

Mom is happy in her weaving work at Soieries du Mekong in Banteay Chhmar
Besides visiting the temple complex of Banteay Chhmar and tasting a slice of rural lifestyle in the nearby villages, one of the worthiest places to visit is the silk weaving center of Soieries du Mekong, located a stone's throw from the southwest corner of the moat surrounding the temple. This was a real gem of a center where disadvantaged local women are trained to create a range of quality products and where visitors can see the whole process of silk production from the silkworm to the woven krama. The various stages are well sign-posted in three languages and the products sold like hot-cakes to the members of our fam trip. Everyone at the center was ultra-friendly and it was a pleasure to visit. It's open weekdays only between 8am-5pm. Re-arrange these words to be able to weave a krama; degumming, skeins, bobbins, sleying, heddles, treadles, lams, warp yarns, weft yarns and shuttles.
Their sign can be seen as you arrive at Banteay Chhmar village
These are the bobbins of silk thread, called 'golden silk'
This part of the process is dyeing the silk yarn in a mixture of water and coloured dye
Mom is surrounded by about a dozen looms in a separate open-air room from the main house

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