Friday, July 9, 2010

Tragedy in words

To round off the Lonely Planet Top 10's in the forthcoming Cambodia guidebook that will be out very soon, the focus shifts to 'the Cambodian tragedy in words' and a list of books the authors recommend you invest time and money in reading.
  • Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia by William Shawcross (1979)
  • Brother Enemy by Nayan Chanda (1985)
  • History of Cambodia by David Chandler (1994)
  • Sihanouk: Prince of Light, Prince of Darkness by Milton Osborne (1994)
  • The Pol Pot Regime by Ben Kiernan (1996)
  • Voices from S-21 by David Chandler (1999)
  • First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung (2001)
  • The Gate by Francois Bizot (2003)
  • Pol Pot: The History of a Nightmare by Philip Short (2004)
  • The Lost Executioner by Nic Dunlop (2005)
In my opinion, there's another five books that could've easily made it onto that Top 10 list:
  • A Cambodian Odyssey by Haing S Ngor with Roger Warner (1987)
  • River of Time by Jon Swain (1995)
  • When The War Was Over by Elizabeth Becker (1986)
  • Brother Number One by David Chandler (1999)
  • When Broken Glass Floats by Chanrithy Him (2000)



Blogger William said...

Andy,we have the LP Cambodia 7th Edition in our Norodom store and all our other branches already. Look's hansome, it does!

July 12, 2010 at 7:44 AM  
Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

Wow you don't mess about William, do you. The author's copy only arrived in our office this week and you already have the 7th edition in stock at Monument.
Just heard from my publishers that To Cambodia With Love is at the printers and may be another 2-3 months. It may just make it out in time for my birthday in the middle of October!

July 13, 2010 at 8:59 AM  

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