Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some lovin'

Coming to a bookstore near you in about 3 months time, especially Monument Books in Phnom Penh, or get it online at Amazon.

Of course it's worth waiting for, but I would say that wouldn't I. With over 60 contributors and more than 125 essays, there will be something for everyone. ThingsAsian Press have already published To Myanmar With Love and To Vietnam With Love. My own To Cambodia With Love is on the way soon, as well as To North India With Love. Books on Nepal, Shanghai and Thailand are in the final stages of production as well.

There's a whole heap of events coming up, even though I've had a very dodgy tummy since last night. Tonight, I'm off, if well enough, to the new Meta House to watch two films dealing with disability in Cambodia, called Encourage, and I Can, produced by Epic Arts and Rise Up! Living with Disabilities, which is from the Meta House team. Tomorrow at the same venue, from 7pm onwards, Meta House is having a party with the Cambodian Space Project as the number one attraction, alongwith back to back music videos on at their rooftop cinema. MH is also the venue for three consecutive nights of the film premiere of Enemies of the People, which will screen twice a night from the 21st-23rd of this month. The film has won a host of awards already and should definitely be on your to-do list. On Saturday 24th at Chaktomuk Theatre, you get the opportunity to see Seasons of Migration by the Khmer Arts Ensemble and on 8th August, a taster of the musical Winds of Angkor, will also be held at Chaktomuk, as part of the Cambodian Youth Arts Festival. So there's something for everyone. Don't say I didn't warn you.



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