Monday, July 12, 2010

Rocking the riverfront

Srey Thy adds a few dance moves to her singing last night
The riverfront of Phnom Penh rocked to the sound of sixties Cambodian music last night as the Cambodian Space Project did their bit to keep the punters awake in preparation for the World Cup final. And they did a darn good job of it as well. La Croisette was the venue and the six-piece line-up ran through their repertoire of Khmer classics, alongwith a couple of self-penned Srey Thy songs that she performed with just a guitar accompaniment. They always give a very good account of themselves when I've been able to catch them, though in a venue like La Croisette I would like the knob turned up on Srey Thy's mic or else her lovely voice can be swamped by the mass of instruments. They really are worth tracking down and getting along to one of their gigs, especially as they may well be going to Europe in the near future for an extended visit. And you are in luck if you can get to the new Meta House venue this coming Friday 16th, when the band will perform from 7pm onwards. Don't miss it.
The tight-knit Cambodian Space Project in a tiny space at La Croisette. LtoR: Scott, Dan, Srey Thy and Sak.
Harmonica (Ken) and clarinet (Hong) complete the six-member line of CSP
Scott and Srey Thy take the noise level down a notch or two with a couple of her own songs

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