Friday, July 16, 2010

Meta House on show

My favourite painting in the Pharmacide exhibition. Sukuntak Piteak's oil on canvas 'Counterfeit medicine sellers are murderers'
There was a good crowd at Meta House last night for the two films on disability in Cambodia. And very positive messages coming out of the films on show from the folks at Epic Arts in Kampot and TIGA in Battambang province. Lots of friends of friends and 90% barang. Personally, I'd like to see more Cambodians at Meta House and I hope that as the word gets out, they will start frequenting the place more. Tonight should be a good opportunity, with the Cambodian Space Project rocking the new MH with their 60's Khmer revival music. A perfect chance for the locals to let their hair down. I also caught a look at the Pharmacide exhibition in the ground floor gallery with works by top local artists like Chhim Sothy and Hen Sophal, which focuses on the dangers of counterfeited medicine. Unusual to say the least but good exposure for this everyday evil in Cambodia.
Normally known for his traditional paintings, this is Chhim Sothy's depiction of 'Pharmacy in Cambodia.' He laced his painting with the addition of pills.
The evils of fake medicine are clear in Hen Sophal's 'Pharmacy in Cambodia.' Hen Sophal is another traditional painter who has his workshop/gallery on Street 178.

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