Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kor blimey

One of the oldest houses in Kor village, Khor Sang, constructed in 1907
A couple of kilometres outside of Battambang city lies the sleepy village of Kor. It used to be sleepier but the new tarmac road through the village means that the traffic whizzes through much quicker than it used to but at least the almost permanent haze from the old mud road has disappeared. Kor village is well known in the area for its collection of ancient houses, a handful of which are open to visitors who can enjoy a tour by the owners, who appreciate a small donation in return. On a recent trip to Battambang, I popped into two of the houses to have a good look, the first the home of Yi La Kheang. Built in 1907, the house is called Khor Sang and was built mainly of wood, using Phcheuk and Khvav wood for the roof and floors. The walls are made of woven bamboo and plaster. It's probably the oldest house in the village, although the original pagoda at Wat Kor was erected in 1900. Another ancient home we called at belonged to Bun Roeurng and her home was constructed in 1920 in the pet style, which includes verandahs, as well as Phcheuk, Beng and Kakoh wood. Her home stands on 36 pillars. Both home owners were proud to show off their old houses, allowing access to each room, many of which contained knick-knacks of bygone eras, furniture, ornaments, pictures and so on. If you have time, pop into an ancient house in Kor village and make the owners happy.
A painting of Khor Sang, built in 1907, that hangs on the wall inside the house
The 90 year old home of Bun Roeurng in Kor village near Battambang



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