Sunday, July 25, 2010

In person, at last

Two great role models for Cambodian women in my view, Rumnea (red) and Socheata (blue)
I made a beeline for The Flicks after this afternoon's football in order to give my friend Rumnea the opportunity to see New Year Baby in its Khmer language version and she loved it. The compelling personal story of Socheata Poeuv and her family was shown this week at Chenla as part of the Cambodian-USA anniversary celebrations and Socheata was flown over specially. She was also at The Flicks' screenings tonight so I had my first opportunity to meet her, and her producer partner Charles Vogl, at long last. We'd been in touch by email for ages but had never met in person. In addition, Socheata has contributed to my book, To Cambodia With Love, so it was my chance to thank her for that too. I was interviewed by FM 102 Radio for the Women's Media Centre of Cambodia after the screening and only too happy to agree that Socheata is a great role model for Cambodian women. You can find out more about Socheata and the film here.
At last, the opportunity to meet Charles Vogl and Socheata Poeuv in person

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Blogger i said...

I love Socheata's movie. Please give her my regards!

July 26, 2010 at 12:13 PM  

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