Monday, July 12, 2010

Final look at the IFL

The Naga elevated causeway in cement that takes you into the IFL
Continuing my recent visit to the Institute of Foreign Languages - there are three buildings at the university on Russian Boulevard which were designed by Vann Molyvann at the beginning of the 1970s. With them he added small design features that came from his imagination. As he said of his buildings; " There are a hundred variations. A good architect always looks for tricks." And we can see those design elements and decorative additions on the main building, the lecture rooms (which I posted earlier post today) and of course, the library in the shape of a palm leaf hat, which is one of the most popular of his smaller buildings. Our tour also took us to two other university complexes, both of which were built in the 1960s.
The palm leaf hat shaped library as seen as you enter the university compound
The main building of the IFL, which was formerly a Teachers Training College
This is a side view of the main building with its decorative elements and a stage for presentations below
This stairway is also part of the internal decoration and design of the main building
The iconic palm leaf hat shaped library at the IFL, with its moat and access via a bridge
A close-up of the library building at the foreign languages instituteInside the library, which has two floors with a main reading section on the second floor and internal decorative elements

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