Saturday, July 10, 2010

A dog's life

Roland Meyer's 1919 publication, Saramani, Danseuse Khmer
Kent Davis is like a dog with a bone. He won't let go. He's now in his fourth year of translating a book I wasn't aware of until he mentioned it to me. And I know he won't stop until he's completed his labour of love and re-published a book that originally came out in 1919. Roland Meyer's Saramani, Danseuse Khmer is an epic account of life in Cambodia that stretched to 180,000 words, hence why it's taking Kent so long to translate it into English. Meyer himself was a civil servant with the French administration, first in Cambodia and then Laos, and Saramani wasn't the only book he published, but it was definitely his best. Like Kent's other books that he's already published or is intending to, such as Earth in Flower, Angkor the Magnificent and Cambodian Dancers, this looks certain to be one to savour. Find out more here.

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