Sunday, July 11, 2010

Countdown to the big one

Busy day today with football at Olympic Stadium this afternoon, a quick bite to eat for dinner and then out to see the Cambodian Space Project warm up the football fans at La Croisette before the World Cup final kicks-off in the early hours of Monday (1.30am in Phnom Penh). We had an unusual event at Olympic today when for the first time in 70, yes 70 Cambodian League matches this season, we had the first goal-less draw of the campaign. Defences are not usually on top in matches in the C-League but they were today when the Army met Prek Pra Keila. I had to pinch myself that there were no goals, none at all. I hope next weekend the teams get back to whacking the ball into the back of the net, goal-less draws are pretty mundane at the best of times. Lets hope the World Cup final tonight is a bit more action-packed.
Postscript: The World Cup final did in fact send me to sleep. I managed the first-half but the action(less) wasn't enough to stop my eyelids from closing. I also get bored when referees book players for every tackle that is made. Football is a man's game and tackles, even mistimed ones, are part and parcel of that game. I wish referees understood that. I expected better from Howard Webb.



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