Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boutiques in the city

The pool and pavilions in the rain at the 252
Still on buildings in Phnom Penh. This time a few hotels that I visited recently. Boutique accommodation in the city is pretty scarce so when something new opens up its well worth having a look to see how it compares with the opposition. Pretty soon we'll have a new Sofitel of at least 12 stories opening up near the river which can house guests that prefer large hotels but many like a more intimate place to stay and that's where the boutique places come into their own. The 252 on the street with the same number is smart, stylish and contemporary with polished stone and wood. It has a nice pool, restaurant and chill-out pavilions but is in the shadow of Tower 42 that will put some people off. The Villa Paradiso on Street 222 is a converted villa, has 10 rooms, each with a distinctive style of their own, small pool as well as spa, jacuzzi and sauna. I liked its individuality. An old fave Villa Langka on Street 282 has just added 19 new rooms in a new block with a lift. Rooms now total 43 and that may be just too many for the popular pool and restaurant. To round off my brief whirlwind tour, I popped into Naga World for a totally different view of hotel life. Boy, was it different. In fact it was the 1st time I'd stepped foot in the place. As well as the casino, restaurants and conference facilities and just about everything else you can think of, it has over 400 hotel rooms, some with great views of the riverside and is adding more rooms and a swimming pool by the end of the year. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea but on the day I was there, every room in the house was occupied by a convention. Beat that.
The contemporary rooms at The 252. Lots of polished stone.
A view of the Villa Langka pool from the new annexe
One of the individual rooms at Villa Paradiso
The pool at Villa Paradiso. Behind the foliage is the sauna and spa.
The wonderful view from a room at Naga World
One of the standard rooms at Naga World that could do with some brightening up



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