Thursday, June 24, 2010

Women on show

A proud Duong Saree (left) collects her first prize from Ambassador Carol Rodley, which included $800 in prizemoney
Women's art came to the fore last night at the Java Cafe when 24 selected works were displayed from the 45 entrants to the You Khin Memorial Women's Art Prize. The cafe was packed with interested spectators, supporters and many of the artists themselves as American Ambassador Carol Rodley did the honours, and handed over the first prize to one of the stalwarts of female art in the country, Duong Saree, for her painting, Neary Dak Prolit, composed in the traditional style often used by other artists like Chhim Sothy. Saree, 52, was the first woman artist to teach at the Royal University of Fine Arts when it reopened after the Khmer Rouge defeat in 1979, so she knows a thing or two about innovation and composition and the skill required to paint a memorable picture. Here are some of the entries though of course, I managed to forget to take a picture of the winning painting...duh.
This was one of my favourites as it demonstrates what we all know, that in Cambodia it's the women who do all the work. 21 year old student Two Sam Oun is the artist.
This is mother and daughter detail from a much larger painting in a flowery style by Chouve Touch
A poster art type painting decrying the lack of women's rights by student Noeum Kim San
One of the better known female artists in Cambodia is Battambang's Ouer Sokuntevy. This painting is titled Rich Neighbours.
We can never stray too far from the memories that still grip Cambodians. This painting is by Koung Sovicha.
A sculpture by up and coming artist Dina Chhan, who has an exhibition at Equinox starting this Friday

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Khchao Touch, not Chovre!! Java got a few of the Artists names wrong...A bit slack of them ...

June 30, 2010 at 3:57 PM  

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