Thursday, June 24, 2010

In fine fettle

Scott Bywater and Srey Thy warm-up in Espresso Thmei formation
With my nerves a-jangling before last night's make-or-break World Cup game for England, it was good to take my mind off the impending action by watching the Cambodian Space Project perform at La Croisette on the riverfront. Some broken guitar strings meant an interrupted session but the five-piece version of the CSP were just the ticket to set me up for watching, and shouting myself hoarse, at Paddy Rice's bar for a couple of hours from 9pm. After the footy all ended in back-slapping and progression to the next round, it was back to La Croisette to catch the second half of the CSP performance and they were even better this time around. Srey Thy was in fine fettle, as always, and out came all the favourites, including a couple of self-penned songs from Srey Thy herself. This band just gets better and better.
Srey Thy in fine fettle last night
Srey Thy blasting out her Pan Ron vocals with Scott in close support
The 5-piece CSP band at La Croisette, though two of them are hiding from view
Srey Thy mixing singing and dancing into her repertoire

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