Saturday, June 19, 2010

Being responsible

For those who want to catch up with the latest guidebooks on Cambodia, the 7th edition of Lonely Planet's Cambodia edition should be out in the next month or so. The sixth edition came out in August 2008 and the latest version, in their two-year cycle, is with the printers. When I see travellers here carrying a guidebook, you can bet your bottom dollar that it's an LP. While you wait for its arrival, you can seek out the brand new first edition of Responsible Travel Guide Cambodia. This 118-page 'feel good' book was published last month to support the work of non-profit organization Friendship with Cambodia and directs you towards projects and businesses that help disadvantaged Cambodians as well as providing tips for responsible travellers and volunteer opportunities. Pujita Nanette Mayeda is the author. The beneficiaries of the work of Friendship with Cambodia include micro-credit programs for women, education for rural students living in poverty, vocational training for landmine survivors, sex-trafficking prevention and support for children living on the streets. The organization grew out of a collaboration between Bhavia Wagner and Valentina DuBasky, who were responsible for the 2002 book Soul Survivors - Stories of Women and Children in Cambodia.
And of course, I couldn't let the opportunity pass by without reminding you that my own To Cambodia With Love should be out in a few months. It'll be worth waiting for with over 60 contributors and more than 125 essays, all demonstrating a passion for this incredible country, its sights, sounds and its people.

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Hi Andy,
theres an article on Tim Page in this Saturday's edition of the NYTimes:

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