Saturday, June 5, 2010

The band at platform 1...

Srey Thy commanding the audience at the railway station
Continuing the intention of the Cambodian Space Project band to conquer the world, or at least Phnom Penh, they played a great set at the railway station tonight with Srey Thy on top form and the band as tight as a gnat's chuff. Most of the audience were pretty merry as they'd just got off the train having been off to the countryside in a Chinese House special to listen to jazz, and CSP were playing as they arrived. Fortunately the rain held off long enough for their set. Srey Thy is down-to-earth and typically Khmer and despite the recent success of the band she is still genuinely happy when the audience responds positively. The whole set was excellent, especially the monkey song. There was a dj afterwards but everyone was so pissed, I left, hoping to catch CSP again sometime soon.
5 members of the 7-piece Cambodian Space Project perform on the bed of a rail carriageThis week Srey Thy chose a shorter sparkly dress to wow the crowd. It worked for me.
Srey Thy belting out one of her favourite Pan Ron songs

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