Saturday, June 26, 2010

Attempted beheading

The girls and boy at the Singapore hair salon, and myself. My shaving girl was too embarrassed to join in the photo.
Twas a hectic day today with the architecture tour of the three main university campuses along Russian Boulevard first thing this morning, lasting a bit more than three hours, then off to football at Olympic Stadium this afternoon where both games were played in torrential rain, and ending up getting my neck cut by my shaving girl at my regular hairdressers. All in all, a regular Saturday. I'll post a few more pictures of the university buildings in the next day or two. I've visited the campuses before, built in the 1960s and early 70s and part of the New Khmer Architecture series of constructions that KA Tours concentrate on in their tours. However, this visit was led by Sokly, an architecture graduate and a mine of information about the university buildings we walked through. I did think we would've had better access to some of the buildings, but the security folks at a couple of them weren't prepared to bend the rules, so we had to view from afar. As for the football, it was the usual Cambodian League fare, with one of the games producing ten goals and the other, a solitary strike. The attempted beheading by my shaving girl was in essence, a small nick but she reacted as though it was major surgery on my neck and couldn't stop apologizing for about fifteen minutes. No harm done and I promised her I wouldn't hold it against her in the future. She's been my regular shaving girl for about six months now.
The recently renovated main meeting hall at the Royal University of Phnom Penh
A look inside one of the War of the Worlds Vann Molyvann-designed lecture halls at the Teachers Training College on Russian Boulevard



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