Monday, May 24, 2010

Winds of Angkor celebration

POSTPONED! A fundraiser showcasing the brand new musical Winds of Angkor will [no longer] take place in Long Beach on 6 June. The proceeds raised for the $40 per ticket event - Cambodian food, live entertainment and a video presentation - will go towards local artists in the area so they can attend the Cambodian Youth Arts Festival in Phnom Penh between 1-6 August this year. Find out more about the musical here.

Also in the United States, Laura Mam has been making waves with her singing and YouTube videos in Khmer, prompting this story on National Public Radio. Laura is the daughter of Thida Buth Mam, who has featured in the films Out of the Poison Tree and Rain Falls from Earth, as well as being the main character in two books, To Destroy You Is No Loss and Bamboo and Butterflies.

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