Monday, May 3, 2010

Wait for it

I knew it was too good to be true. The likelihood of a June book launch for To Cambodia With Love is looking dead in the water. The book is with the designer and then will go to the printers. That last stage can take a month or two or three so the end of the Summer is looking like the earliest it will be available, and that's without any hiccups. Once the book has been printed then it will need to be shipped to Cambodia, and judging by my incoming post that either never arrives or is usually opened by some nosey sod en route, its not a given that they will arrive at all. Of course it's worth waiting for, but I would say that wouldn't I. With over 60 contributors and more than 125 essays, there will be something for everyone I'm sure.

Tomorrow I'm off to Koh Kong province so my blog posts will become a mite scarce for the rest of this week. It's a fam trip organized by the Cambodia MSME/USAid team to show off a few community-based ecotourism projects at Chambok, 4 Rivers, Peam Krasaop, Tatai Krom and Chi Phat. There'll be about 20 tour operators going along for the jolly and we'll be staying in Koh Kong town and 1 night in Chi Phat before returning on Friday. Once I get back I'll be off again next Saturday, heading for Kampot and the wedding of my friend of ten years, Lina. I'm already welling up just thinking of her big day.



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