Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thy tops the House

Srey Thy belting out one of her favourite Pan Ron songs
Srey Thy was on top form last night at the Bong Thom anniversary party at Chinese House, with her distinctive voice belting out some classic Khmer songs from the 60s and 70s, particularly those of her favourite singer, Pan Ron. With an eclectic mix of instruments, her seven Cambodian Space Project colleagues did a good job in reviving memories of the golden era of Khmer music for the mainly expat audience. However that didn't stop some of the Cambodians who were there in getting out front to show off their dancing steps. As with all live gigs, the sound balance was variable with Srey Thy's high pitched voice occasionally lost amongst the band's booming sound but for the most part it shone through and she looks great too. CSP are definitely worth seeing when you get the chance. They've been to Hong Kong recently and are now going even further afield, with a trip to Paris on the cards.
I's time to show some of those unique Khmer dance movesSrey Thy just can't stop dancing
Srey Thy infuses her singing with dancing Khmer-style
The Cambodian Space Project wow the audience at Chinese House last night

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