Monday, May 3, 2010

Soft drinks party animal

Gorgeous Rumnea wearing her homemade silver dress with an unshaven party-goer. Sometimes I disappoint myself.
Straight after work today I was off to Chbar Ampao, one of the southern districts of Phnom Penh, for the wedding party of my friend Rumnea's brother Vireak and his fiancee Veasna. The whole of Rumnea's family was down from Kompong Thom, hordes of aunts, uncles, cousins and so on to join in the celebration. The handshakes were almost non-stop. Rumnea looked a million dollars too. The food was particularly good, as most wedding fare is practically identical but some of tonight's grub was pretty tasty I must confess. It was hot even after the sun went down so I was grateful for the fan above my head, especially after displaying my non-existent dancing skills in front of the incredibly loud band. Invitations to weddings have been few and far between in recent months so my dancing has got a little rusty. But I needed to get some practice in before Lina's big day this coming Saturday, down in Kampot. Saturday is a big big day for my Tuol Kork friends and they'll be kicking off proceedings on Friday though I won't be able to get down there until lunchtime on Saturday. However that should still give me plenty of time to enjoy the day and to see one of my best friends finally tie the knot. Back to tonight, I was home just before 10pm which is quite late by Cambodian wedding standards though declined a lift from a few of the party-goers who were keen to give me a ride home but definitely the worse for wear due to their alcohol consumption. As usual, I was on the soft drinks.

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