Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Party celebrations

The 'terrible twosome', Malita and Lily, absolutely adorable and always willing to strike a pose for the camera
Lina in yet another outfit change. I like this one, its understated but classical.
Here is a round-up of pictures from Lina's wedding party celebrations in Kampot on Saturday. It was a great opportunity for me to meet up with old friends who I've known for a decade and more. And it was wonderful to see Lina enjoying the occasion even though it was incredibly hot and a constant whirl of dress and hair changes for her. I had a bit of a jolt when I arrived and a young lady welcomed me and said "you don't remember me do you?" It was Soriya, the daughter of Lina's uncle and aunt, who I met when she was eight, ten years before on my first ever visit to Kampot. We'd played football on the grass in front of her home and I have fond memories of her, Kong and Naisim, effectively Lina's parents, as she grew up with them in Kampot before moving to live in Phnom Penh. Soriya is now 18 and just about to finish high school and looks set to come to Phnom Penh to continue her studies, much as Lina did around the same age. She made a fuss of looking after me and later in the evening I was dragged onto the dancefloor to strut my stuff, much to the amusement of Soriya and her teenage friends. I must also mention the loveable antics of two tiny tots, Malita and Lily, who adopted me as their 'big uncle' and tagged my tale throughout the evening. This included presenting me with flowers and small gifts and then ended up with emptying a box of flower petals over my head. A great time was had by all.
Lina and I with the green dress version; she looked great in everything she wore
Lina and Kimsrun pose for the camera during the wedding party
One of my favourite people on the planet and a long-time friend, Ara
Kimsrun on the microphone, with Lina and her aunt Naisim and uncle Kong
Kimsrun and Lina circle the wedding fruit table during the ceremony
Kalyan has got her hands full with these two, Malita and Lily
These singers and a live band kept us entertained throughout the party
Now: 18 year old Soriya has grown up a lot and no longer plays football
Then: the football loving Soriya, aged 8, in Kampot in 2000

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