Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Milton's memories

Dr Milton Osborne returned to ACE to regale the audience with his memories of Phnom Penh. He's the one in the white shirt and tie.
Two years after delivering his book about Phnom Penh to an ACE audience, Dr Milton Osborne returned tonight to regale them with his 1960s memories of a city he was posted to as a junior diplomat at the Australian Embassy. He focused on buildings and people of the time as he took the audience through the city on an imaginary cyclopousse journey, pausing at regular intervals to fill in the background on some of the capital's existing structures, and ones that have long since disappeared. He could've gone on for hours, his memory is like a steel trap and his humour made this mini-history lesson a very enjoyable 45 minutes. Dr Osborne has been coming to Phnom Penh for 51 years and his love for the city shows absolutely no sign of diminishing. Long may it continue.
Dr Osborne was happy to answer any questions including one from a group of ACE students



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