Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just like old times

Rolling back the years to 2005 and we'll all be back together again next week in Kampot. LtoR: Ara, myself and Lina.
It was like stepping back in time tonight. There I was filling my boots with Auntie Vourch's Khmer chicken curry and enjoying banter and karaoke with all of the extended family. Something we hadn't done for ages and I've missed it. It took me back to those heady days at the family home in Tuol Kork, where I became an honorary member of Sok Thea's family and circle of friends, after his untimely passing a decade ago. There's something unique about Vourch's secret recipe, the taste and texture, the smell and the bond of true friendship that it represents. Phalla had come home from his stint working in Laos, Sam was getting ready to take his family over to Australia next month so he can continue his masters' studies, Tima and his family were our hosts and Kalyan, Rina and Vicheka were taking it in turns on the microphone, as was Lina, who is getting hitched next Saturday down in Kampot. So we have another readymade excuse for a second party next weekend. It was wonderful to be back amongst friends I've known for the last ten years and even though we've gone our separate ways, the reunion was as special as it ever was.


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