Monday, May 31, 2010

Improv monster

David Gunn (left) and the rest of the Krom Monster quintet from CLA
The Krom Monster quintet made their debut at the French Cultural Center Monday evening and seemed to get the thumbs up from most of the audience. I must admit the improvisational nature of the music, mixing traditional Khmer instruments with electronic sounds and beats, wasn't my cup of tea though I thought some of it was haunting enough to maintain my interest and the flute worked well for me. But for much of it I was pretty neutral. I find music is a very personal taste and some of it simply doesn't get my juices flowing. David Gunn, who is leading the Neak Ta project on behalf of the London-based arts organisation Incidental, was the man at the computer controls that generated the electronic music whilst four Cambodian Living Arts students provided the Khmer expertise on a number of instruments. For some of the audience the video that was screened behind the group worked well, but not for me. I'm all for new artwork and new sounds but this didn't quite push all my buttons.



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