Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fairytale princess

Lina posing under the photographer's bright lights and looking wonderful whilst doing it
It was a real pleasure to be invited to Lina's wedding yesterday in Kampot. She has been a friend of mine for a decade and to be there on her wedding day was an honour. Her wedding to Kimsrun came as a bit of a shock when she told me a few weeks ago but who am I to question Cambodian customs. Nevertheless she looked adorable on her wedding day, I've never seen her looking so radiant and despite the countless dress and hairstyle changes, she looked serene throughout. Kimsrun is a very lucky man. More pictures from last night's wedding party celebrations later, as I'm dashing out the door to football.
I'm afraid my ugly mug had to spoil this picture, with Lina in the red version
Lina enjoying the moment as she feeds fruit to her new in-laws
Lina looking resplendent in the green version; she said she'd forgotten how many outfits she wore on the day
A recent feature of weddings is to cover the bride and groom in stringy stuff



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