Friday, May 14, 2010

A cornucopia of dance

Catching up with Belle (center) after the show has ended, with Now on the far right
Just back from our Indian curry which went down a treat after watching Belle and her team of dancers strut their considerable talents at Chenla Theatre in a contemporary cornucopia of dance and music that enthralled the packed auditorium tonight. I took Now and Kimleang along to the free show, Aram, on their final night before they head back to Siem Reap, and they loved it. They hadn't seen anything of its ilk before and enjoyed it all. They particularly liked meeting one of the male dancers Chy Rotana afterwards, and they appreciated this new fangled type of dance in such a big theatre. The team from Epic Arts kicked it off before Belle appeared on stage followed by her six fellow dancers in a series of segments showing different forms of love and emotion. The variety of music was a good accompaniment to the fast-paced segments in most instances, with three girls and four boys each sharing responsibilities for solos, duets and team efforts. Belle was as accomplished and impressive as ever, her solos display her mastery of dance that is at times so far removed from her classical upbringing, with Yon Chantha and Phon Chanpisey, better known as an acrobat, providing great female support whilst Rotana and Noun Sovitou, Nget Rady and Hou Cheychanrith did a great job, individually, and as a unit. The show ended after just over an hour and the performers and musicians took their bows, whilst Belle was overloaded with flowers and gifts. It was so good I will go again tomorrow, especially as I was sat so far back, as my photos show.
I'm no dance expert, but I'm convinced Yon Chantha will be a great dance star of the future
The 3 girls on stage in unison
The seven performers in a team routine

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