Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cooling off at Tatai

It's nearly 11pm and I am sweating buckets typing this in the lobby of the Koh Kong City hotel, which sits on the riverside at Koh Kong, though I don't actually have a room with a river view. Grrr. We have just returned after our evening dinner at the Peam Krasaop community project, which the community team hosted and did a fine job too, with a good selection of seafood. We also went on a walk to see the resident fireflies. We spent this morning at Peam Krasaop, just a few kilometres from Koh Kong itself, walking through the mangrove forest, then getting boats to a beach and the old village of Peam Krasaop for a good look around. For lunch, we headed out to the 4 Rivers floating lodges at Tatai, where we enjoyed their hospitality at this fairly new venture, which was a return visit for me, as I was previously there just before it opened, so it was good to see it again now that it's up and running. After lunch we headed for the Tatai waterfall with two boats belonging to the Tatai Krom community team, and spent quite a while cooling off in the cold waters before heading back to Koh Kong to check into the hotel and head out for dinner. A full and pleasant day for all concerned.

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Anonymous Boone said...

Now that's what I call adventure!!! :)
I want your JOB, andy :)

May 6, 2010 at 12:33 AM  

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