Monday, May 31, 2010

Back for a breather

Belle (left) and Chey Chankethya pose in front of a poster for their August shows in Singapore (pic courtesy of Belle)
Emmanuèle Phuon's Khmeropedies contemporary dance performance comprising the cream of Cambodia's dancers: Belle, Sam Sathya, Chey Chankethya and Phon Sopheap, has just played out in Singapore to rave reviews. The artists are back home for a quick breather before they take off again, to perform Khmeropedies I and II in the States in June in New Haven and at the Baryshnikov Arts Centre in New York. They then head back to Singapore for two more shows on 20 and 21 August. If anyone thought that exposing the world to Cambodian dance is an easy life, think again, these artists literally never stop rehearsing and performing. Of course they love what they do but it can be exhausting all the same.

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