Saturday, April 3, 2010

Now docking

A travel operator group shot at Wat Han Chey. I'm grimacing because of the sun, honest. Pic courtesy of Theary
I'm back in Phnom Penh and soaking wet as its pouring with rain. It was gorgeously hot in Kompong Cham yesterday - we had shore visits to Wat Han Chey as well as Wat Nokor - but we woke up to a downpour this morning and as we left the boat after two nights aboard, it only got worse. I'm in the office now, catching up with work and emails. The Jayavarman cruise boat was excellent. The staff in particular were adorable, I'm fit to bust with all the food I've consumed and the boat itself was of a very high standard. More later but suffice to say I was suitably impressed. I have the usual array of C-League football matches this afternoon and tomorrow to keep me occupied. Don't forget the Movin' contemporary dance performances at Sovanna Phum tonight and tomorrow if you can get a seat.
Meeting the locals, Srey Chea and Srey Thy at Wat Han Chey
The Jayavarman moored at the foot of Phnom Wat Han Chey, north of Kompong Cham
The bamboo bridge is in operation to get over to Koh Paen opposite Kompong Cham



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