Monday, March 22, 2010

The sounds of the CLA

Sinat and his beloved tro khmer
Tonight at Phnom Penh's Living Room on Street 306 at 7pm, two of the Cambodian Living Arts troupe of performers, Sinat and Srey Peou, will give a preview performance of their artistic talents which they will be exhibiting on their Children of Angkor tour of the USA next month. Srey Peou will chant poetry and Sinat will accompany her on his favoured tro khmer, as well as demonstrating other unique Cambodian instruments. I remember seeing Sinat display his talents at Meta House in January 2008 and this boy is excellent. Also this week, the Children of the Khmer by the youngsters from the Tonle Bassac Folk Group, supported and funded by Cambodian Living Arts, will put on another show at the National Museum, on Thursday 25th at 7pm. It is open to the public, tickets are priced at $18 each and it's a great show as I had the pleasure of enjoying it a couple of weeks ago.

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