Friday, March 19, 2010

More from the Bakan

3 of the Angkor Wat devata minus their feet
I haven't quite finished posting pictures from my return visit to the Bakan, at the very top level of Angkor Wat. It reopened for business in January after more than two years with the doors firmly closed. I went up with Now, who proudly informed me that her father was responsible for creating the new wooden steps, the wooden walkway and the wooden window frames. He's worked for the Apsara authorities for many years but she really wants him to retire from his job as supervisor, as he's now getting on in years. I don't think there's such a thing as a national retirement age here in Cambodia. People just seem to go on until they can't go on any longer. It's a case of needs must I suppose. Now told me today that the eviction of the shop and restaurant owners just in front of the Bayon went ahead without any problems. There's a possibility that they might be allowed back after a couple of months.
A standing and a reclining Buddha inside the central tower of Angkor Wat
A rather strong, dominant looking devata, often referred to as an Apsara
A beautiful devata holding some flowers in her hand
Zooming in on the outer courtyard of Angkor Wat and the pool and northern library
The central tower of Angkor Wat, undergoing some minor repair work
Now admiring her father's handiwork at one of the windows
The only route open to the Bakan, on the southeast corner of Angkor Wat
One of the other steep stairways, no longer in operation

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