Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last look

These dancing figures could be termed apsaras, though the one in the middle has a face that resembles someone chewing a wasp
Wrapping up my recent visit to the Terrace of the Leper King, which some believe was used for funeral functions when it was first sculpted in the 13th century, a few more pictures from inside the secret passageway - obviously no longer a secret after the EFEO renovators opened it to the public - and a section of the outer wall that's in good condition, at the northern end of the terrace. There's a replica statue sitting on top of the platform - the original sits in the courtyard of the national museum - and is either one the Khmer kings who suffered from leprosy and gave the terrace its name or, more likely, Yama, the god of death, and overseeing the cremations that took place there. You choose. Here's a tip, it's Yama.
Another royal figure surrounded by courtiers, and no, they are not paddling a canoe
A look at a section of the inner secret passageway. Note the massive naga at the base.
This part of the northern outer terrace is in good condition. Note the multi-coloured sections of the wall.
A King with identifying short sword, in regal pose
Attendants at the royal court in various poses
Don't try this at home. A sword swallower tries to impress the King whilst spearing the head of his little friend

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