Monday, March 1, 2010

In the ascendancy

Okay, so what was supposed to be an occasional series has taken on a life of its own but 'friends' deserve their place in the limelight, although this particular friend of mine, Belle, or Chumvan Sodhachivy or Abelle, as she's variously known, needs no introduction to the spotlight. Her incredible penchant for dance, of all forms and styles, has propelled her to the fore of the new wave of contemporary dance in Cambodia and her star is definitely in the ascendancy. There's no stopping her. I love this picture of her, taken by Anders Jiras during a performance of modern Cambodian theater and the story of Preah Kongkea. My appreciation to Anders for some superb photos of Cambodian dance which you can enjoy here. As for Belle, she'll be off to Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States over the next few months, showcasing her undoubted talents to international audiences far and wide.

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