Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The future of Koh Ker

Here I am at Prasat Pram (Koh Ker) a few years ago, just after it had been cleared of landmines
I'm just reading a very interesting report on Koh Ker that is essentially an end of 2009 progress update from the JAYA Koh Ker Project that is investigating all the aspects necessary to be able to get the site in a position to be able to apply for world heritage status. Apsara, who manage the main Angkor park and beyond, are working closely with the Royal Angkor Foundation from Hungary over a 3 year period and a budget of just under $1 million, to prepare a master plan for the complex of temples situated 60kms northeast of the Angkor temples, as the crow flies. Sections of the designated area are still believed to contain mines though the temples that tourists currently visit at Koh Ker are clear and safe. The temples date from the 10th century though the site is considerably larger than at first thought and the temples you see today are just a sample of what is to be found in the locality. Once I've read the report in full, I'll divulge more information though the longer term plan is to not only present visitors with the variety of temples but designate nature trails, boat trips, a botanical garden, a museum, cycling trails, elephant rides and so on. A similar type of sustainable project is also underway at Banteay Chhmar, in the northwest of the country, which will also be put forward for the world heritage stamp of approval sometime in the future.



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