Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crowning glory

A massive lotus crown in the grounds of Prasat Phnom Wan in Isaan, with yours truly giving it some perspective
Occasionally you will see them on the floor but normally they will be almost out of view, at the very pinnacle of the sandstone towers that dominate the Khmer temples in Cambodia and Thailand. On my trip to Isaan last October, there were a few to be spotted and I've posted some examples here. I'm talking about the massive sandstone lotus crowns that sit at the top of the central sanctuary of most temples. Of course, if they have fallen down over time or remain on the ground despite renovations as in the case of the temples in Isaan, then you can understand why, simply because of their size and weight. Up close they are impressive to say the least and they come in different shapes and sizes.
A lotus crown in situ, atop the central tower at Prasat Phnom Rung
A lotus crown from Prasat Prang Ku to be found at Phimai Museum
Lotus crowns in the courtyard at Isaan's Prasat Muang Tam
These lotus crowns are from Prasat Sikhoraphum in Isaan province

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