Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Watch out, there's a monk about

Two monks obligingly pose for a portrait in a doorway at Prasat Phimai
My brother Tim and I were quite fortunate when we visited Prasat Phimai in Isaan a couple of months ago, as we got in just as a large group of Eastern Europeans arrived and we managed to keep ahead of them throughout our leisurely visit though we did keep bumping into a small group of monks. The Buddhist monks were far friendlier than the Europeans and a lot quieter. Apart from those two groups, Tim and I were pretty much on our own aside from a friendly sweeper, who got in a couple of my photos.
Lights, camera, action!
Taking a picture of a monk taking a picture of a monk at Phimai
Temple visit concluded, time for a rest in the shade of the central sanctuary
One last team photo before the monks hit the road
A sweeper at Prasat Phimai, one of the tidiest temples I've ever visited. You could've eaten your dinner off the floor!

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