Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ticked off

I'm very angry with my own newspaper, the Phnom Penh Post, for this extract from an article by Ung Chamroeun titled Fans hungry to see success. It bemoans the lack of live television coverage of the SEA Games but then touched on alleged corruption of sports officials, illegal betting on football results, and the apparent throwing of matches. It provided the following quote;
Vann Ly, manager of U23 football team, refuted allegations of corruption in the current squad. “The players will try their best,” he said at a press conference. “If they win, they will get a lot of money. How can they sell the result without thinking about the nation?”
What alleged corruption in the current squad? That's complete bullshit. Someone with an axe to grind suggests that Cambodia's success in the BIDC Cup was fixed and it suddenly becomes a corruption scandal. There is absolutely no basis for this, no facts, no nothing, just someone with a big mouth. This is just the type of negativity and, no better way to put it, shit-stirring that is a cancer in football and sport in general. If there's no story - let's make one up. I'm close to the national team, I've been immersed in football for more than thirty years, and the Cambodia team are not, I repeat not, involved in anything of this nature. I'm extremely disappointed that the Phnom Penh Post should even waste column inches on such bullshit. End of rant.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy, I think the whole corruption allegation is a carried over belief from the past. In the past, the people at high up sometime chose associates and relatives rather than much more competent ones like the time when Ranarith replaced the national football squad with his own selected one just days before the past sea games. I think I read that from Scott's interview when he was first with the squad. But in the recent years as you have yourself witnessed, it is different. Maybe it is just that these accusers are still thinking in the dark age while the reality has become something else. What can you do about people that don't keep themselves up-to-date with things? I wouldn't worry too much about it you know. If some people choose to be ignorant, let them be. If some people choose to still use telegram when we have 3g cellphone, let them be. That is my motto.

December 5, 2009 at 4:29 PM  
Blogger oasisresort said...

you definitely need to get back down here for some chill Winston chill!good on ya mate,speak the truth

December 5, 2009 at 8:38 PM  

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